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Nicaragua lies in Central America, bordering Honduras and Costa Rica. With Atlantic and Pacific coasts, volcanic mountains and jungle, it is a very fertile, wildlife-rich place. It is a stunning place of varied landscapes, creating a wide range of habitats for its animals and colourful bird life. Take a Nicaragua safari, and discover the best this beautiful country has to offer.

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In the south of the country, head to the Los Guatusos Wildlife Refuge. This is a protected wetland, recognised by UNESCO. Take a boat trip through the swamps and you’ll be surrounded by thousands of birds and butterflies. You can also see cayman, turtles and monkeys.

Head up into the highlands and explore Nicaragua’s volcanic region. You’ll see impressive craters and tropical forest, and a huge diversity of wildlife. Check out the Masaya Volcano National Park, the largest area of protected land in Nicaragua. The two volcanoes in the park are still active, with sulphur gas steaming out of them. Many animals live around the volcanoes, including skunks, monkeys, deer and coyote.

Nicaragua’s Caribbean coastal region is definitely a must-see. It is a huge unspoilt area of tiny fishing villages, empty beaches, rivers and cloudforest. It is much less busy and built up than the Pacific coast. Four different species of turtles forage for food and nest on the beaches and the islets off them. Head off the coast to the Corn Island National Marine Park, where you can snorkel or scuba dive the colourful coral reef.

This is a country packed with wildlife, so a Nicaragua safari is the best way to see it. Enjoy the colours, contrasting landscapes and the friendly local welcome.


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